Suicide Prevention Patrols

Suicide Prevention Patrols

Each weekend we provide a Suicide Prevention Patrol in Drogheda. The patrol consists of 4 of our Volunteers patrolling the Bridges and Park areas in the Town.

Members are trained in the E-Suicide Safe-talk, and also Zero Suicide training. They are also trained as Phecc Cardiac First Responders, Safeguarding, Manual Handling/Patient Handling, Garda vetted and trained in water safety.

Each Volunteer offers various skills and come from various backgrounds. The patrols have been operating in the area for 10yrs now, and during this time it has prevented and saved 108 people from entering the water.

We work closely with other organisations like Sosad, the Samaritans, Gardai and other emergency services to ensure the person receives the assistance they need.

We are also lucky to have our on-call crew who can assist and launch our rescue boat if required.

If you would like to know more or support the patrols, please feel free to get in touch.