New Response Vehicle

New Response Vehicle

This vehicle will be a great asset to our voluntary organisation and will serve the community of Drogheda/East Meath and County Louth well.

It will be used during our suicide prevention patrols and also attend any emergency call-outs, she’s ideal for towing our boats to and from any incidents or getting personnel to the scene. It will also support the community with any Covid Response Calls.

We really do appreciate all the help and support uses give, and every penny given is pumped back into helping our community,

Big thanks to Jack Doran Motors Kia Motors Ireland for all their help and support with this, and our previous vehicles. Also thanks to #allsignsandlabels for the graphics.

If you wish to help us out, please visit our website and donate.

Maybe someonešŸ˜‡ will be kind enough to sponsor our fuel and give us a 4th news storyšŸ¤©.

Pictured below is Mark Doran presenting the keys to Chairman Alan Floyd and Vice-chairman Adrian Cooney.