10 years providing Suicide Prevention Patrols

10 years providing Suicide Prevention Patrols

Happy 10th anniversary of our
🔵🔴Suicide Prevention Patrols🔴🔵

Our organisation was established in 1972 (48yrs ago) as a Search and Recovery group, and on the 13/12/2010 we started our first Suicide Prevention Patrol on the run up to Christmas.

The Patrols which have Prevented, Stopped and Saved so many over the last 10 years became weekly. Several other groups around Ireland have also started the patrols and we all find them beneficial in preventing suicide.

Our Volunteers give up their time/weekends to help our Community, they are out and about mixing and watching whats going on, ready to step in and also alerting other emergency services to incidents that occur. This is on top of also providing a 24/7, 365 day service to respond to incidents on the water.

Without the Patrols we would be reading more about people who entered the water.
Our trained and dedicated volunteers prevent this, they prevent endless pain of ongoing searches by simply talking to the individual and listening to them, and putting them in touch with appropriate help and dealing with local groups. There also ready to enter the water if the need arises.

Without you our Volunteers, the Public, Local Businesses and our Sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to do these patrols. So a big Thank you for all your help/ support over the last 10yrs with these patrols and supporting the Rescue for 48yrs. You have helped someone in need.

To see our sponsors or keep upto date with our Organisation, visit our website www.droghedariverrescue.com

If you would like to help out with the Patrols, or become a Sponsor. Feel free to get in touch via our website

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